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  1. Within the next 12 months, brands will be faced with a harsh reality check — their existing playbook of optimizing for performance marketing and behavioral targeting will no longer be effective. Zero and first party data will become the new strategic differentiator in driving ad efficiency and ROI.
  2. Over the past few years, marketers got lazy given the scalability of performance marketing → It’s time for marketers to reconnect with their customers. As customer-centrism evolves from brand mantra to strategic mandate, NFT strategies must be re-evaluated. It is critical for brands to go back to the P&L, NFT is a technology that can enhance and grow their existing businesses.
  3. Founded in 2022, Passion Labs envisions and enables a world of true data ownership. Passion is our Proof of Engagement Platform, where we redefine the data sharing infrastructure between brands and users through “NFTs as Cookies”. Passion-enabled NFTs act as zero & first party data for brands to strengthen their customer channels while bringing users full control of their personal data and unlocking branded culture and experiences.

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